Oct 30, 2010

the hedonistic hub


Let's do this quick and fast as usual (I suppose)

Am doing some googling for my assignment..

Came across the news of Dinara Safina visiting the Mufti of Russian's European Part. Never knew who this Dinara Safina is..

There were the mufti, Dinara Mikhailovna Safina and her mother - Rauza Mohamedjhanovna Islanova at the Moscow Cathedral Mosque before the tennis player departed for Argentina. News reported on 28th October 2010.

*drumroll* Dinara is a famous Russian tennis player of Tartar descendants (huhu.. I only knew Anna Kournikova and the Sharapova). And, the most jaw-dropping part is Dinara is the sister of the famous Marat Safin. Here's what Safin said about his lineage:

Question In terms of your religious belief, are you of the Islamic faith?
Answer Yeah.

Question Do you practice any of the rituals?
Answer No, no.

Question Were your parents Islamic?
Answer Yeah. They don't practice either. Just my grandfather.

 Was he Russian?
Answer No, he's not Russian. He's Islamic also, Muslim.

Question Where did he come from, may I ask?
Answer If I start to explain geographically, it will take a little bit longer. It's from part of Russia.

Do you know what most typical Malays and Tatars have in common apart of the same aqidah tauhid? We have our own languages and our previous alphabets are of Arabic letters! Malays' - Jawi.. Tartars' - (i don't know). Well. Jaga-jaga. This is what happen when communism rose in power. Now. Hedonism and capitalism are those ruling the world. And Malaysia, is never immune against it. Turning Malaysia into a hedonictic hub??? Wonder how our anak cucu would be then..




Kak Iman, only now i know tht the Safin's family are Muslims. Muslims nowadays are more to 'superficial' muslims rather than being 'real' muslims who learn Islam off by their hearts. Nauzubillah..

Farah Fadhil said...

bawa mereka semua lari dari malaysia!!!!

haha. just kidding.

let's revive this ummah!

make them realize they don't need a hedonistic hub to be happy in life and the afterlife.

huu... perlukan byk kerja ni.

salam ziarah dari nizhniy novgorod.