Jun 13, 2012

We H.E.A.R.T Ramy Essam

Assalamualaikum wrt.

Let's make this quick & clean.

It is my dream to found a Malaysia-based radio station, in English and Islamic. :)
Because there're a lot of English/Arabic Islamic singers out there who sing good songs!
(Btw, can I be a the DJ? hu.. there's this one pakcik that I had good time talking with, and he said that I spoke to fast, that it was very good for radio station.. because DJs need to say a lot of things within limited time..)

And, this is another creative mind that I tabik-ed! (aaluted)
RAMY ESSAM. An Egyptian. A revolutioner. Anti-Mubarak.
(before him, I liked Tamer Hosny, an Egyptian singer. =.="' He sang catchy songs, and I don't understand most of the lyrics. But, during the tsaurah/revolution, from what I followed on the news; this very singer was pro-Mubarak. He was captured by the protesters and he cried 'Papa.. Papa..' referring to his Mubarak. And since then, I like him not.)

Here are Ramy Essam's songs.

1) RAMY ESSAM's signature song was 'Irhal' which was sang @ Tahrir Square, rated as the 3rd most influential song on history. (believe me)

2) This is one of his songs that has subs.

3) He sings for Syria also.

4) But, the one that I love most is this.. *screammmm!!!*

Subhanallah! There are too many bright minds out there. How great Allah is, that He gives such creativity to His slaves.. If His slaves' creativity awes us, then imagine how Allah's own creativity would awe us!!! :)

And, I must say, if I could choose where I was born, I wish I was an Egyptian. They are great ppl! Rasulullah saw said the best soldiers are Egyptian. That's why before liberating Al-Quds from the Crusaders, Saladin liberated Egypt so that he could included those Egyptians into his army and marched toward al-Quds. Ramy is not the first Egyptian that amaze me. There's a lot - Hassan al-Banna, Syed Qutb, Yusuf al-Qardhawi, Asma' Mahfouz (go google this girl.. she won the Sakharov's Prize!), you-name-it..

Above is what we call art/music.. Good music creates awareness and bad music creates ignorance..

Notakakigugel: atenye, kan best tajuk lagu seperti 'Revolusi di Muka Buku' (instead of Cinta Muka Buku) atau 'Cintaku Memang di Mata Pedang' (instead of  Cintaku bukan di atas kertas).. Barulah henshin! Hihihi.. kun rajulan! :)

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