Feb 26, 2009

bila rijal mengantuk..

I seek Allah's protection from the devil who ruins my deeds and my rewards..
By the will of Allah, I write..

Lately, the phrase of 'For the deen, I'll bleed' kept echoing in my head..
That keeps me going, keeps me on the run..
Haiya, however, syaitan laknatullah always has his way in making me diverted from the path.. ;(

Subconciously, I always used the excuse that 'I've worked hard today' so that, I (again, subconciously) "rewarded" my own self with long hour of sleep, etc.
And, plus, some show approval of my "hardworking-ness", which I'm not..
Haiyo..Wish ummi is here..
She, stepping into my room, already has the 'terrifying' aura that I would opt to wake up before she gets any closer, or else I'll get a free 'lebam'-causing pinch from her.. ;P

Haiya, miss home.. Miss everyone..
Need some inspirational motivation from ummi wa abi... :D


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