Mar 7, 2009


Peace be upon Muhammad s.a.w..
And, from Allah, we seek protection from syaitan la'natullah..

Bingo!! Alhamdulillah!!
Finally, I found "Ya Ilahi" karaoke version!!!
Since last night, I hunted for it..
The downside is the arabic lyrics is in rumi.. (Well, I would surely favour jawi than rumi.. =p)
But, I got such a brilliant idea which is to ask help from a Moroccan roommate of my friend's to write the lyrics in arabic letters!!!

I even can share this song with her!!



Farah Fadhil said...

salam wrt,
dear iman... hehe...
Happy women's day!
Anyway, I thought you might like this (although you already have part of it)...

Anonymous said...

huhu, im 'cilok'ing blogging, in the midst of this havoc.. we got woman's amazing race today.. just got back from the starting point, n right after this need to rush to embassy - the finishing point..

Ahmedkzaman said...

salam alaikum
ko ade blog?
xpnah nmpk pon

Anonymous said...

to Ahmedkzaman..
bohong lah x pernah nampak..
mcm ne ble komen kat blog aku tanpa melihat sindri blog aku?? ;P