Mar 14, 2009

my friend who speaks more than 5 languages!

In the name of Allah, who bestows mercy upon you and me,
Peace be upon Muhammad s.a.w, who loves you and me,
We seek Allah's protection from syaitan who troubles you and me.

Meet my friend, who..

1) Can speak mother tongue (a Dajikistan ethnic's language), Azeri (language of Azerbaijan), English, Russian, Germany and some other languages that I forget.

2) The first time I met this friend (about a year ago), my spoken English was better. But now, whenever we talk, I feel like English is a language spoken by Martians.

3) Always get 5 (equal to A) for every exams, including Biochemistry, which tops my most-despised subject on Earth.

4) Studies in 2nd year Russian medium, which is way much more difficult than the English medium (I study in English medium, of course).

5) Despite all the brain-iac achievements, my friend is a proud owner of enviable physical appearance.

6) Is optimistic about everything happening around. And, I use to give my own personal remarks of a pessimist foreign student studying in Russia. (No thanks to my limited spoken vocab. The only words popping into my head when we talk are all negative, that I am left with no much choice but to construct pessimistic sentences)

7) Is 19. (a year younger than me)

8) The first female president of the MMA's Azerbaijan student club. The previous presidents are not only any mere guy, but usually the one who did phD, post-grad etc. (So, imagine! She managed to defeat them all!)

9) Above all, she's a Muslim who doesn't know much about Islam.

Today we met again, and had a very long, nice chat. But, I was unhappy because I am not as good (and hardworking) as she is academically. Also, I gave an impression of me being an unhappy foreign student in Moscow. I should practice dialogues, which give impressions of me being a cheerful, happy true Muslim. Any suggestion?


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