Mar 6, 2009

Let Me Be Myself

In the name of Allah, who bestows His forgiveness upon you and me,
Praise be upon Muhammad s.a.w. whose love towards you and me is eternity,
We seek His protection from syaitan laknatullah who ignites the fire of fury.

*I noticed a song rebelliously-entitled 'Let Me Be Myself' by 3 Doors Down in my playlist*

"If you take every single person who lacks much imagination seriously, there's no end to it."
from 'Kafka on the Shore' by Haruki Murakami

Most of the times, I'm too absorbed in my own world of opinions, ideas and imaginations. Having people opposing my stands enrages me.

The real patience is at the first strike. I seek to be understood rather than to understand others. The strongest is the one who is able to defeat his own rage. And, indeed I'm the weakest.

To be strong, I need to defeat my enemy - my own ego. This is the battle I need to fight by my own self. And, this is a battle which weighs more than the one fought in the battlefield.

Dari Abu Hurairah r.a. bahwasanya Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda: "Bukanlah orang yang keras - kuat - itu dengan banyaknya berkelahi, hanyasanya orang-orang yang keras - kuat - ialah orang yang dapat menguasai dirinya di waktu sedang marah-marah."
(Muttafaq 'alaih)

*Should have change the title - "Let Me Be Muslim"*

Indeed, Allah is the one who knows the most.


"the gossiperz" said...

ooo. i smell rebellion.
ni namanya sikap suka menang.
sometimes kenalah dgr opinions other.
i tink dlm quran ada ayat psl ni
"the best if we are patient than to revenge"

e.l.i.a.n.a MASTURA! said...

o0oh..kak iman rupa2nya.ingtkn spe la UMAH.huhu.neway,i've heard sthg about fighting our own ego.Sthg like treating others the way u wanted to be treated

"If u want sthg good in return,make other people ur priority"(Amazing Results of Positive thinking)

baiz said...

salam iman. saya suka betul gaya awak menulis. bagus bagus. sy kena celen awak nih bab2 update entry. hehe. baguslah bersaing ngn diri sendiri. memang our biggest enemy adalah diri kita sendiri. tapi jgn lawan smp gila plak ya. hehe.

ps: iman, sy pun suka 3 doors down.

Anonymous said...

to eliana MASTURA!
salam.. jazakillahukhairan krn singgah.. klu dlm Robert T.Kuryosaki's "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", dunia adlh cermin. what u see in this world is the reflection of urself. the more u smile to the world, the more the world would smile back to you.

to k.baiz:
salam.. jazakillahukhairan atas komen yg membina..huhu.. ni kira outlet sy jd chessy, n most important, bina skill otak kanan saya.. biar artistik, poetic skit sy ni.. kita kn SENIMAN! (da'wah itu seni m'nyentuh hati kan?)=P